Increase your profit margins on Black Friday 2021

If you miss out on the online sales opportunities on Black Friday, you will lose a massive turnover. Let PriceShape help you monitor your competitors’ prices and be optimized and competitive like never before!

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Place you marketing spend where you are most competitive


Your Google Shopping campaigns for Black Friday can be optimized with PriceShape to enrich your product feed and create even better performing campaigns. During these high-season events, you might be struggling with your marketing budget, especially if you have a limited budget. There’s no-size-fits-all budget for Black Friday, but with PriceShape you can better adjust your campaigns based on products with the lowest price, neutral price, and highest price.

PriceShape can support your promotion strategies, whether you are putting your most popular products on sale or create promotions on your competitor’s products. Create custom labels based on price data from your competitors and add them to your product feed to know where you can increase your ad-spend during Black Friday. Save your budget for your most competitive products with PriceShape.


How to create price strategies for Black Friday

Create price strategies based on competitors’ prices to offer the best prices during Black Friday.

Create Pricing Strategy

Choose competitors

Select competitors you want to monitor

Minimum profit margins

Protect your minimum profit margins

Competitors’ stock status

Exclude competitors who are out of stock

Apply price ptrategy

Apply your price strategy to a product type, brand or a specific tag

Generating new price

Save your new price strategy and let PriceShape do the work for you

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Black Friday 2021

The most important statistics you can’t miss


Bigger shopping cart

average on Black Friday compared to a normal day


Conversion Rate

on Black Friday in Europe


Increase in sales

on Black Friday across Europe compared to the first four weeks of October

“At Ønskebørn, we always try to give our customers the right product at the right price. PriceShape helps us keep our prices competitive without us having to monitor the market ourselves.”

Nicki Daniel Jensen Ecommerce and Marketing Coordinator, Ønskebørn A/S

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