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Get data-driven in your e-commerce pricing. We collect all relevant competitive data and deliver it to your personalized dashboard. Including stock status, price history, and current price positions.

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We help all kinds of businesses

Our goal is to cooperate with different types of companies. Whether you are a brand, a wholesaler or eCommerce, at PriceShape we are ready to help you.

Brands & Wholesalers

Our price comparison tool can be used as a useful tool for both brands and wholesalers. You get access to useful insights, such as information about specific dealers, their stock status, and what prices they have set on your products.

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Our platform is a user-friendly and simple tool that both serves to optimize your pricing strategies and monitor your competitors. The different features are made to save you time as a eCommerce and enhance your turnover.

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Core features

Know your competitors

Get accurate competitive data directly shown in a personalized dashboard. Including product prices, stock status, pricing history, and much more. Use your new insights to adjust your competitive situation and outpace your competitors.

  • Product prices
  • Price history
  • Inventory status
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Create price strategies for your products

Price strategies have endless opportunities. You can create simple strategies that align with your business model. Do you always want to be the cheapest on specific products, follow one or multiple competitors, or only match prices when your competitors have their products in stock? Our customer success staff will help you get set up and provide a baseline of options for strategies. Set dynamic pricing strategies with competitor data.

  • Choose who to follow
  • Minimum margin
  • Time durations
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Automatic repricing

Your products will automatically be repriced when your pricing rules get activated. Aligning your product prices with your market ensures competitiveness in pricing, and will win you the sale more often.

  • Save time
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Automatic pricing adjustments
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Optimize your Google Shopping Feed

Get custom labels to implement in your Google Shopping campaigns with PriceShape and optimize your Google Shopping Feed. PriceShape enriches your feed with additional data points that include your pricing range in the market. Use this data to adjust your CPC bids, and use your ad spend where it really matters.

  • Higher CTR
  • Better ROAS
  • More sales
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Domain summary

A complete overview of competitors’ or resellers’ domains. This overview includes the number of overlapping products, an overview of products your competitors have that you don’t have, stock status from a historical perspective, and knowledge about which sellers are the most aggressive in their pricing.

  • Pricing history
  • Competitors inventory status
  • Pricing strategies
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Customized Dashboard

With PriceShape’s software, it is possible to create a custom dashboard where you easily can access insights that are relevant to you.

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Read about the opinions of our customers

  • Higher turnover and profit
  • Less working-hours
  • Effective management of the marketing budgets
  • Less manual work
  • Better negotiating skills

“Price is one of many factors that determine whether customers shop online with us at Salling Group. We want to have an overview of market prices so we can make sure we are competitive. PriceShape helps us to create that overview and match the prices correctly against our many products. Data quality and speed are fundamental for us to get a real picture of our competitive position. We are therefore pleased with our good collaboration with PriceShape.”

Claus Hovge Andersen

Head of Digital, Salling Group

“Since we started using PriceShape, we have doubled our ROAS and increased our revenue on Google Shopping by over 200%.”

Charlotte Frandsen

Owner, By DahlLiving

“PriceShape enables us to obtain data on product prices and therefore save huge amounts of time. The price data is valuable when we need an overview of the price situation in the market and can also be used retrospectively to assess sales performance. The system works quickly and flawlessly and is a pleasure to use. I’m a big fan of PriceShape.”

Frederik Nielsen

Founder of avXperten

“At Ønskebørn, we always try to give customers the right product at the right price – PriceShape helps us keep our prices competitive without us having to monitor the market ourselves.”

Nicki Daniel Jensen

Webshop and Marketing Coordinator, Ønskebørn A/S

“At A.O. Johansen, we find that the price of our products is an essential factor in maximizing our sales through our B2C webshop. That’s why we use PriceShape’s software to automatically adjust our product prices, which also saves us a lot of time on manual work. We have been working with PriceShape since July 2019, and during this period we have seen a significant increase in revenue from our B2C webshop.”

Sebastian Vikkelsøe-Engelbrecht

Digital Sales Manager, A.O Johansen A/S

“We have expended a lot of energy over many years gathering competitors’ prices in the industry. Most of the time, it has been hard to get data of a usable quality to base decisions on. That is why we engaged with PriceShape, as we found their tool to be very time-saving and efficient. Since then, the quality of our data has improved significantly, and it can now be used as a basis for decision-making. PriceShape ensures that we have a quality-assured overview of the price situation in the marketplace.”

Jesper Dietz

Head of Pricing & Development, STARK

Read about the opinions of our customers