Is Amazon one of your biggest competitors?

Anna Wawrzyniak

3 min read

At PriceShape, we have tracked data from more than one thousand retailers within the beauty category to find out what the difference is between Amazon and other online stores in terms of prices and what the data can tell us about Amazon’s prices in the market.

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Last year we finally saw the launch of Amazon in Sweden. However, the launch was not ideal, and the e-commerce giant had a pretty bad start. Including errors such as minor typos to severe pricing mistakes. 

Even though still faces challenges ahead, they have high ambitions and want to win the Swedish customers’ trust. 

This got our curiosity to dig deeper into the prices on Amazon and, based on data, find out what the reality really looks like for Amazon right now.

Since there’s an infinite amount of data about Amazon, we took out a sample of data from some of Amazon’s prices in Sweden and Germany.

Amazon has for a long time been known as a trigger to start price wars and even make retailers that are using their platform more competitive. 

Today, Amazon is known for more than just its low prices. Today, many online buyers choose to buy on Amazon due to the fast deliveries and Amazon Prime. This means that the price might not the decisive factor anymore for many buyers. 

Even though our study is not the first one of its kind, as there have been studies of this type earlier, we are delighted to share our findings of Amazon’s prices and be able to show based on data that they are not the cheapest one as they were known for once. There are still many people today that have this perception of Amazon. 

Besides, we share other findings that might be interesting for you, if you are selling on Amazon, consider doing it, or just want to know more about prices on Amazon.

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