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Since 1999, DanDomain has been helping customers get their ideas online. Whatever it means looking for webshops, websites, professional emails, or a completely fourth IT solution, DanDomain has what you are looking for!

With over 6,000 webshops, 500,000 registered domains, and +75,000 customers, you can be sure they know what they are talking about when advising and guiding their customers.

In addition to user-friendly systems and seasoned advice, DanDomain allows you to become part of a large e-commerce universe packed with knowledge, exciting events, and a lot of entrepreneurs!

Avoid spending time coding, troubleshooting, and developing – focus on selling your products instead!

PriceShape and DanDomain have entered into a partnership to help streamline marketing efforts and costs for their joint customers. With PriceShape on your DanDomain shop, you get access to a pricing robot that adjusts your prices within different business needs, so you can win sales on price comparison sites such as Google Shopping and PriceRunner.

6 strong reasons to choose DanDomain’s webshop system

  • Get started easily

DanDomain makes it easy for you to start a webshop. They offer you a smart and feature-rich webshop system. All you have to do is create your products, texts and choose designs, and they will take care of all the technical things (hosting, operation, updates, and backup).

  • +100 apps and modules

DanDomain is in control of integrations with payment solutions, freight solutions, financial systems, and marketing channels. Choose from +100 integrations that you can use to develop and optimize your webshop.

  • +30 different designs

Put your products in focus with a nice webshop design. Just one click and your design will be installed. It does not get easier!

  • Developed with SEO in mind
  • DanDomain’s webshop is developed according to the search engines’ instructions. It is i.a. possible to change title and meta tags, correct headline types, and make SEO redirects.
  • Free courses and workshops

DanDomain regularly holds a free online StartUp course, where they help you get started with your webshop. They also offer various workshops on eg marketing and the latest trends and tendencies – all free to participate in. >> See current courses here.

  • Danish support – all 365 days a year

You always have free support at DanDomain – even during your trial period! They are ready to help you by phone and email 7 days a week, all year round (including Christmas Eve).

Shortly about DanDomain

DanDomain is a well-developed and easily accessible webshop platform, the purpose of which is to optimize the customers’ online experience, by removing the complexity of the Internet. DanDomain provides access to the following:

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