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Delfi Technologies is the leading supplier of electronic price tags in Denmark. As a PriceShape customer with physical stores, it is an important piece of the puzzle that you can update the price signs of your stores at the same speed as your webshop updates its prices.

With both Delfi Technologies’ innovative electronic price tags and PriceShape’s price engine which can regulate prices up and down automatically, you can now be 100% digitized on both the webshop and in the physical store. As one big omnichannel business, it is hence a very important factor to have electronic price tags to be agile and competitive.

It is more important than ever to be able to take up the fight against webshops like Amazon and foreign players in its physical store.

A study done by FDIH shows that up to 87% price compare products before purchase. Physical stores will therefore lose many sales by not being able to adjust, and adjust their prices with dynamic pricing to the market.

Today, many webshops with physical stores will not be able to correct their prices during the week. Many webshops that have automated pricing through a software such as PriceShape, regulate their prices several times a day which presents extreme challenges for companies with physical stores without electronic price tags.

Because of that PriceShape sees an obvious collaboration with Delfi Technologies and estimates the partnership as necessary to help the leading retailers to optimize their profits as much as possible.

The synergy between Delfi Technologies and PriceShape is also a “must-have” if retailers are to win volume periods such as Black Friday and Christmas sales. The prices of webshops are regulated hour by hour, and if the physical stores can not be agile, for instance by changing prices during the day, the stores will lose too many sales, as the price is a decisive factor for the consumer.

Shortly about Delphi Technologies

Delfi Technologies was established in 1988. Today, they operate as a European solution provider specializing in handheld terminals, cash register solutions, printing solutions, and electronic price tags.

They have customers across many different industries. Retail, warehousing, healthcare, field service, and office equipment are among the industries where Delfi Technologies delivers innovative solutions. With their knowledge and expertise combined with competent support, service, and advice, Delfi Technologies is today an international group with offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, and Vietnam. Today, Delfi Technologies employs over 110 specialists – and the human aspect has always been the foundation of their success. Together, they strive to constantly innovate their solutions and meet their customers’ needs.

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