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Since 1996, Dept has helped companies build and accelerate their digital products, services, and marketing. The team consists of over 1,500 experienced specialists located in over 13 different countries across both Europe and North and South America. Dept works for international brands such as JYSK, Samsung, Bose, Formula E, Bugaboo, Zalando, Netflix, and many more.

PriceShape and Dept have entered into a partnership to ensure our joint customers the best possible performance across digital channels. Primarily this is of course about Google Shopping, and not least Shopping via Dept’s own Comparison Shopping Service (also called CSS). In-depth analyzes show a clear and expected correlation between the price of the products, the users ‘probability of clicking on and buying these, as well as the Google algorithm’s assessment of the products’ relevance and how often the products are displayed.

Dept makes active use of PriceShape software, to optimize the use of customers’ marketing budget so that it is highly invested in the products where the probability of sales and reasonable ROI is greatest – and vice versa.

Shortly about Dept

Dept is a global full-stack agency that specializes in:

  • Consumer experience & design
  • Technology & engineering
  • Brand, campaigns & content
  • Digital marketing

In addition to being a unique system that can be used to set up advanced, smart, and market-oriented pricing strategies, as well as monitor competitors’ activities, PriceShape provides a valuable tool that streamlines marketing budgets. In Dept, we use PriceShape to gain insight into customers’ market position on the products we market, and our analyzes confirm a clear correlation between price competitiveness and whether a sale is achieved. Based on the data that PriceShape provides to us, we can directly and quickly respond to fluctuations in competitiveness and thereby optimize customers’ marketing budgets by ensuring that they market themselves on exactly those products that create the highest returns.

(Thomas Byskov Madsen, Paid Search Director, Dept.)

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