No Zebra

Anna Wawrzyniak

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Since its inception in 1999, No Zebra has specialized in data-driven business development, digital analytics, business-critical e-commerce solutions development, and 360-degree digital marketing – both nationally and internationally. With 50+ digital experts, they build converting web solutions for B2B and B2C customers from their offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

The price is crucial for consumers shopping online. That is why PriceShape collaborates with No Zebra to streamline joint customers’ marketing efforts based on their competitors’ data. Likewise, the price directly impacts the advertiser’s exposure share on Google Shopping, as Google’s algorithms favor products with the lowest prices. Therefore, it is not profitable for advertisers to devote their marketing budgets to products where they are not competitive.

Read No Zebra’s guest blog post, written for PriceShape. Here they give some helpful tips on how you can improve your competitive situation in the market.

No Zebra is an expert in how you can optimize your digital marketing efforts and boost revenue, and they are happy to assist you within this field.

Shortly about No Zebra

No Zebra calls their work “All Digital · All Commerce” – because, with a pure digital and data-driven approach, they create significant growth in sales or leads for their customers. No Zebra is a web agency with specialists in the three subject areas:

It is a full-service approach that their many happy customers benefit greatly from.

With stable, organic growth and a long-term healthy economy, No Zebra is one of the few Danish digital web agencies with the distinguished AAA rating as a signal of their solidity.