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TEXTA is a content marketing agency specialized in copywriting and email marketing helping international B2B and B2C companies regardless of size.

TEXTA is one of the leading agencies in Denmark when it comes to content marketing. They are experts in creating content that Google likes and making the site-visitors convert, whether to “book a meeting” or “purchase.”

This is exactly why a collaboration between TEXTA and PriceShape is a perfect match. We can, and already have, created some very conversion-friendly product pages, where everything is optimized, from price to product content, and make your eCommerce organically visible in Google.

Briefly about TEXTA:

TEXTA is a content marketing agency founded back in 2015.

Since then, we have been growing really fast, and today we are 49 employees working full-time and part-time.

TEXTA works with several disciplines within content marketing, this includes:

  • Copywriting for websites, category and product texts
  • Newsletters
  • Automation for email marketing
  • Graphics
  • Translation to more than 30 countries

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