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Win more sales, maximize revenue, and boost your ROAS with our market-leading PriceShape platform for e-commerce retailers and brands.


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Brands & Wholesale

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Our price comparison software is a useful tool for both brands and wholesalers. You get access to valuable insights about your vendors such as their stock status and how they have priced your products.

PriceShape for

Retail & E-commerce

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Our platform is a user-friendly and simple tool that serves to both optimize your pricing strategies and monitor your competitors. Through our many features, we guarantee that you will not only save time but also increase your sales and profit.

Market insights

Get a complete overview of the market

Monitor your resellers or competitors and get daily updates on price changes, stock information, and delivery cost. Use insight for valuable analysis and action-based pricing. 


Marketing optimization

PriceShape can optimize and enrich your Google Shopping Feed with additional data such as your price position in the market and custom labels. Use this data to adjust your CPC bids, and direct your ad spend to where it matters, and experience higher CTR, better ROAS, and more sales. 

Dynamic pricing

Intelligent prices

With PriceShape, you can set your products to automatically update their prices based on the strategies you have created. This will ensure your competitiveness in the market, and let you win more sales often. 

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Customer Success

We understand that you can't just buy a piece of software or platform and expect it to be smooth sailing from there. That is why we have a dedicated customer success team, who are focusing on three perspectives when helping you reach your goals; your business, your team, and our platform. 

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