Market insight

Obtaining relevant market insight about your reseller network is key to an optimized business. For years the majority of pricing index has been a knowledge privileged to the retailers, but as a brand, that insight is potentially the difference between success and failure. Utilizing the PriceShape platform, these insights can provide you with the possibility to plan, negotiate and execute your brand strategy, across all of your markets

Domain Summary

Full reseller overview

With our full summary of your resellers, you and your team can get an overview of the reseller's performance and pricing in the market and build your analytics around the reseller. 

We are gathering information on how many of your products your resellers have in their assortment, how many are in and out of stock, how much the price differs from the market, and the RRP provided to the reseller. 

Knowing these numbers, you can easily plan and execute additional sales to the individual customer based on the market index, history of stocking, and their price position in the market.

Price leader

Spot trends and tendencies

If you are having the same discussions with your resellers, regarding a wish to decrease cost prices, so they can follow the market over and over, it can create a dysfunctional relationship.

Understanding the market dynamics and knowing the actions of the individual resellers in the market will give you an even better and more reasonable base to negotiate and discuss with your resellers.

The knowledge PriceShape provides will allow you to focus on maintaining and optimizing the relationship and increase the sales in your accounts store instead.


Price history

Track the price history of your reseller's prices. Know who is selling to your RRP and who potentially devaluates your brand by dumping the prices over time. 

This feature gives you intel on how prices are affected by planned campaigns or impacted by constant pressure in the market - How were the prices impacted by e.g Black Friday campaigns last year, and do you see a correlation between lower prices and higher turn overrates of your products or not?


Tracking the prices on marketplaces

Being a brand, a major spiral to the bottom is often known as the marketplaces, reseller can hide and provide a price lower than what they offer on their site.

But using PriceShape, we will be able to track those marketplaces, and additionally provide you with a list of resellers using marketplaces to push out more products at a cheaper price potentially damaging the market price and the interpretation of your brand value.


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