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We have collected all the frequently asked questions we receive and answered them below. We hope you find the answer you're looking for, otherwise, feel free to contact us.

How long does it take to implement PriceShape?

We focus on implementing PriceShape quickly, efficiently, and in the best way possible for our customers. You're assigned a Customer Success Manager to help you in your PriceShape journey and our three-step onboarding process. 

The implementation time depends on the maturity of your business; our pricing data will be available in PriceShape within 1-2 business days, whereas the direct price changes on your website depend on how many resources are set aside to learn and implement our system.

Can PriceShape be integrated with Shopify?

Yes, the integration with Shopify can be made within your Shopify account and directly integrates with PriceShape. The add-on lets you update your product data and prices directly in Shopify. 

Can I integrate with other shop systems & platforms than Shopify?

We've never experienced a system with which PriceShape can't be integrated.

The only requirement to integrate PriceShape into your systems is that your shop system / ERP / PIM / other can import data from a dynamic (CSV, JSON, or XML format) or that you can import data from an FTP server. 

In PriceShape, you can create dynamic output feeds with the desired data for your system, where we can either place the output on an FTP server or deliver you a dynamic endpoint link from which to update data. 

Depending on your system, in-house resources, and experience, an integration often requires a few developing hours.

How often do you collect new data?

Our scrapers are looking for new competitor matches at least once a day; therefore, you will see that your account accumulates more matches with time. 

How do we collect your competitors' data?

We have built our innovative scraper with advanced scraping technology that has multiple ways of finding vendors of your products, alongside an extensive setup to validate their correctness, which involves both AI and manual checks.

This, coupled with a multi-tiered approach to accessing the site (using all the latest tools), ensures that your data is up-to-date and correct.

You’re always welcome to get a free trial and see the data with your products. 

What if our competitors don’t use GTIN numbers?

We have built our innovative scrape with advanced scraping technology that has multiple ways of finding other vendors of your products, alongside an extensive setup to validate their correctness, which involves both AI and manual checks. This technology means that we can find your competitors regardless of their use of GTIN numbers.

Can you help me with private-label products without GTIN numbers?

Even without the GTIN numbers, we can help you. By adding the products to our platform, you can match up with your competitors manually, and from here, we will ensure that they are updated with the newest data for you. 

How can Google Analytics or Sales Data be integrated with PriceShape?

Adding performance data to your account in PriceShape allows you to put an extra layer on top of price strategies, marketing feeds, and inventory management. For instance, you can see high-revenue products, slow movers, or popular products where you have a low “Weeks on hand.” 
We have created guides for Google Analytics and custom integration. We are helping you through all the steps in how and why you should use your data in PriceShape. You can find the guides in our help center here

How much does PriceShape cost?

Our prices start from 299€ a month. The price depends on how many products you want to track within PriceShape and how many different markets you’re on. You can always request a price that suits your needs, and then our product specialist will return with the best offer.

Did you not find your answer?

Contact our specialist with your questions, and they will help you.

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