Is it legal for you, as a Brand, to monitor prices?

Learn how you as a Brand can use price monitoring to your advantage, by reading this blog post.

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Is it legal for you, as a Brand, to monitor Prices?

In today's consumer landscape, buyers are more informed than ever. With tools that provide market transparency, they can effortlessly seek out the best-priced products from various retailers. Gathering relevant pricing information can be challenging depending on the size of your brand, the range of products you offer, and your presence in different countries.

The Benefits of Price Monitoring for Your Brand

Price monitoring holds significant power for retailers, allowing them to maintain competitiveness, optimize profitability, and make well-informed decisions to bolster their position in the market. However, price monitoring can also offer considerable advantages for your brand.


Regularly tracking the prices of your products as sold by your resellers provides valuable insights into market trends and price fluctuations. This perspective allows for consistent and appropriate pricing, positively influencing consumers' perception of your brand. By closely monitoring the market, you can gain awareness of how your retailers set prices and whether some are undercutting the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP). This enables you to identify potential price violations and ensures that all sales channels adhere to your brand's pricing policies, thus safeguarding your brand's reputation and integrity.

Benefits of price monitoring

Navigating the MSRP Dilemma
As explained in our blog post, "How does MSRP affect your business?" it is important to note that brands can only suggest a minimum price; they cannot dictate prices or penalize retailers for disregarding their suggestions. Nevertheless, can this information be a valuable starting point to initiate a constructive dialogue with retailers who consistently set prices significantly below the recommended price.


Gaining Insights into Stock Availability
Monitoring prices provides insights and allows you to visualize the stock availability of your resellers. This enables you to start a proactive dialogue and anticipate the stock needs of your retailers. By monitoring stock availability, your brand can adopt a "just-in-time" approach, ensuring efficient supply to retailers precisely when needed. This responsiveness allows you to meet their demands promptly and efficiently.

Price monitor as a Brand

Protecting Your Brand Reputation

Tracking your resellers and the market helps you identify unauthorized distributors across various sales channels. This proactive measure ensures that your products are not in the grey market. If any unauthorized sales are detected, you can swiftly identify the resellers involved and terminate the collaboration to safeguard your brand's reputation.

PriceShape can help you protect your brand. We provide a tool to give you an overview of your resellers. It will help make your job easier and gather much necessary information to help your brand grow. 

In conclusion, legal price monitoring can give your brand valuable insights into the market, optimize pricing strategies, and protect your brand's integrity. By understanding the dynamics of pricing and stock availability, you can foster stronger relationships with your retailers and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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