C-level reports

We offer C-level reports that will provide you with important business insights so that you can take action within market opportunities & entry, competitive threats, sales strategies, management, and more

C-level reports

Complete overview of your business

Receive an overview of your business across markets and all the way down to the index levels of your resellers with your own personalized dashboard, as well as daily intel on their price position, price history, price changes, stock status, and much more.

These insights can be automatically generated into a report that can be sent directly to your e-mail. Whether you want your report to include a full overview of your business or specific insights about certain products or resellers is up to you.

C-level reports

Spot industry trends

Knowing how your resellers are behaving and positioning themselves in the market gives you the opportunity to spot trends and tendencies.

Through these insights, you always know how the entire market is moving, where to focus your efforts, and take action, so you can grow your business. These insights keep you one step ahead in the market.

C-level reports

Improve sales strategy

Improve your sales strategies and navigate your business towards your goals with an overview of how the markets are moving, which resellers and competitors are ahead of you, who your closest competitors are, and spot new opportunities in the market. 

This can also help you and your managers with upselling opportunities with resellers.

C-level reports

Recognize investment and expansion opportunities

Expand and gain market shares by letting us provide you with lists of potential resellers that match your brand and product in both existing and new markets.

In other words; a complete overview of your market across the world, information about who your competitors are and whom they use as resellers in the market, and much more.

C-level reports

Identify Competitive threats

Identify competitive threats with insights from PriceShape and gain intel about how comparable brands are doing compared to you. Additionally, we can provide knowledge of their resellers, product assortments, stock statuses, index numbers, delivery costs, and price positions in the market.

C-level reports

Acquire Management & Organizational insights

Support and guide your team in the right direction with a complete overview of your business, that tracks the performance of everything from unique products, categories, or a certain set of resellers.

This can help you to stay on track with the strategy and lift the performance of the team together.


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