Are you a Brand?

Do you sell your products to a huge amount of resellers? Do you have a track of their prices, stock status, and perhaps their cost of delivering your products? All this and much more can be provided to you in an intuitive platform with daily updates and insights in PriceShape. 

Regain the negotiation power

Know your reseller's prices 


Imagine having a complete overview of your distribution network. Understand the mechanisms affecting the market prices, monitor your Key Account's stock status, and understand their pricing compared to your recommended RRP. 

Regain the negotiation power during your talks with the resellers and be proactive rather than reactive. 

With PriceShape, you will get exactly that and much more - Take a deep dive into our solution here and get inspired. 

Solution overview
Account Management

As an account manager having access to high-quality insights about your reseller network is key to ensuring great performance, negotiation power, and strategic planning with your customers. That's why we built our platform to adapt to the needs of an E-tail or Account Manager.

C-level Reports

Obtaining highly actionable market- and business insights as a C-Level executive is vital for strategic business decision-making to stimulate further action within market opportunities & entry, competitive threats, sales strategies, management, and more.

Market insights

Obtaining relevant market insight about your reseller network is key to an optimized business. For years the majority of pricing index has been a knowledge privileged to the retailers, but as a brand, that insight is potentially the difference between success and failure.