Most frequent questions

If you have other questions that we have not answered in the following, you are welcome to contact us via the contact form. Our team is ready to help you.

How do I get started?

You can contact us via our contact form on the website, or if you prefer, via e-mail. Then we can help you with getting an account up and running.

Can my competitors see that I use PriceShape to optimize my prices?

No, your competitors can’t see that you are optimizing your prices while using PriceShape.

Can I use PriceShape even if I do not use pricing strategies in my e-Commerce?

Yes, of course. Even if you are not actively working on your pricing strategies, you can use PriceShape as an analysis tool or for competitor monitoring.

What data will I have access to with PriceShape?

Your price data and competitor data, which are, for example, prices, stock status and product match.

How long does it take to set up an account for my business?

Once you have sent your product feed to us, your account will be ready for use within 5-10 business days.

Which e-Commerces can PriceShape be integrated with?

Most e-Commerce integrations and hosting such as Shopify, Magento, and PrestaShop. Contact us to get to know if we can integrate with your e-Commerce.

Which countries can PriceShape scrape data from?

We can scrape almost all countries, and we already have good experience with many European countries and the biggest marketplaces such as Amazon. If you have specific requests, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

How many products is it possible to monitor?

We can handle thousands of products, but most e-commerce chooses to monitor a limited part of their product catalog. Therefore, you have the possibility to choose which products you want to monitor, and we will make sure to show them in your dashboard in PriceShape.

Which languages do we speak?

We speak both Danish and English and can support you in both languages.

How do I know if PriceShape is useful for my e-Commerce?

We help both brands and e-commerce, large and small, and our customer segment spreads across many industries. Contact us today and have a non-committal talk about how we can help you create value for your business.

What if I have more than one online store?

It’s possible to have PriceShape for different e-Commerce at once since there’s only one account connected to every e-Commerce.

How many competitors can I monitor?

There is no limit to how many competitors you can monitor. We scrape all competitors who use Google Shopping. Also, you can add all the competitors you want. Read more about Google Shopping optimization here.

Is there a commitment to permanence for PriceShape?

Since we always want to help our clients optimize their prices and business, we don’t have one specific commitment, but it varies depending on the contract.

Does the software comply with all laws?

Our software is audited according to European laws, respecting all tax and data protection regulations. If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have you forgot your password or have problems with access to your account?

If you encounter problems with access to your account or forgot your password, contact us via chat on the website, and a colleague will help you straightaway.

How can I test your software?

You need to get a test account. Hereby you can test the software with your product data.

Can I use PriceShape even though I only have a physical store?

Yes, of course. We can create an account that fits your needs, where you can see competitor prices, stock status, and price history.