We look forward to getting you started. We will contact you as soon as possible for a non-binding
talk about how we can best help you.



We look forward to getting you started. We will contact you as soon as possible for a non-binding
talk about how we can best help you.



We look forward to getting you started. We will contact you as soon as possible for a non-binding
talk about how we can best help you.


Monitor your competitors price-points

See your competitors’ prices, inventory status, and much more in our innovative & intuitive dashboard interface

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Competitive price monitoring

At PriceShape we specialize in Plug & Play competitive price monitoring. Whether you have 100 products or 100.000 products, doesn’t matter to us, we have the solution for you. One of our main goals is to make the process of automated product-pricing easy for anyone.

We provide our customers with a personalized dashboard that fits every need, from small to large, while being intuitive and easy to use. Widgets, specific rules to match your pricing-strategies, and usability is our focus.

Your competitors’ data is automatically uploaded to your dashboard at a set specific interval, that you decide. With PriceShape, you always have accurate data-points of your competitors’ price-positions, products, and inventory status.

We find all your competitors and their prices automatically – no manual mapping

The market average and median price of all your brands and products

Your competitors’ inventory status

Your competitors’ price history

Overview of all your competitors’ product prices

Value of Competitive Price Monitoring

The features gained from our competitive pricing system, allows you to have the full insights into your competitors price positions in the market, at any time. Armed with this knowledge you are able to set up dynamic pricing rules, that takes your competitors product prices into account, when choosing your product prices. This features even allows you to only change product prices based on the specific competitors of your choice, or just find all of them automatically. That’s up to you.

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Valid and recent information about your competitors product prices, is far from the only use-case that competitive price monitoring makes available to you. The ability to see your competitors price-change history, their stock status, and determine whether or not to follow when there’s a sale somewhere, is all valuable information you can use in your own pricing strategies.

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We have experience helping companies within a huge number of different industries, optimize their Google Shopping performance. Using the data from your product feed, we are able to add priceing intelligence to it, giving you the information you need to place your keyword bids correctly. This is completely transformative knowledge for many businesses, and we are proud to specialize in delivering the best of these solutions on the market.

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Presents data in a dashboard format Helps in setting up pricing strategies Your earnings increase
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The significance of Price Intelligence & Price Monitoring

Specific knowledge of your competitors price-points, paired with the ability to follow and correct price-positions across as many products as you require, is something you can use Competitive price intelligence software for. Software like this, will give you the leverage you need, to take your business to the next level.

At PriceShape we provide you with exactly that. Our system for delivering price intelligence is market-leading, and we serve a variety of retail and e-commerce businesses, of all sizes. Our aim building the software, was to deliver a seamless experience – with enough features to impress even the toughest of e-commerce experts.

We deliver this in a simple UI-interface and personalized dashboard experience, that just makes sense for the users. Book a preview, and let us show you what you’re missing out on.

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A selection of our trusted customers:

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We serve customers across a variety of different industries. Competitive Price Monitoring is especially relevant for businesses who sell general products where there’s multiple resellers competing for their market share. Another huge use case is Brands wanting to know what their resellers price-positions have been over a period of time – so they can use it for their own product-analysis etc. We provide our services across both segments.

Competitive Price Monitoring FAQ

How many competitors can I monitor?

We don’t have a limit for that. We map whatever number of competitors you see fit, and track their prices. The competitors price-points, and the competitors are automatically found and will be updated regularly, whenever we find new ones.

How are my competitors selected?

We automatically find the competitors in the selected markets. From there you can choose whether or not to match up with their prices, and if you want to exclude some of the competition, you’re free to do that. There’s no limit to the amount of competitors you can monitor with our price-intelligence software.

Which kind of data will I have access to with PriceShape?

We give you access to a lot of data-points. The most common one is your competitors price-points, and their inventory stock. Pair that with the number of price-changes they (the competitors) make, and you have a recipe for a huge leverage tool. Our dedicated customer success managers will make sure you’re using the software to the best of its abilities.

How often will I receive new data from PriceShape?

That’s up to you. You can get the competitors price-points daily, or hourly, it’s your choice. Tell us what you want to do, or choose it easily, within our software.