Become a Partner of PriceShape

Be a part of a dedicated partner network that helps ambitious e-commerce businesses turn pricing into profits with market insights and optimization of marketing spending through the use of PriceShape

Benefits as a partner 

Market insight

Understand the market in depth and help your clients to optimize their business

Advise your customers

Understand the market and the insights PriceShape provides to enable your clients to become more data-driven. 

Optimize your clients ROAS

Utilize PriceShape for the price positions and profit status for supplementary feed on, e.g., Google Shopping.  

Use product insights

Which products perform, and which can we use for optimizing marketing and sales? 

Get ahead

As a partner of PriceShape, we want to help you become more data-driven and insightful on your client's competitive landscape. 

Be a part of the journey

We are just getting started; with only four years on the back, our ambitions reach beyond Europe. And we want to bring you with us! 

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Why a Partnership?

Partnering with PriceShape means helping your clients drive revenue and profits through specialized knowledge and exclusive competitor insights from global e-commerce and brands. It means helping your clients succeed with their e-commerce strategy! Furthermore, PriceShape offers a lucrative kickback model to benefit you and your clients. 

In PriceShape, we range our Partners into two Categories - Friends of the house and Certified Partners. Being a certified partner also comes with perks such as a lucrative kickback model and options to utilize the insights from PriceShape when pitching to a potential new client.


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Are we a fit?

Group 8057-1

Our partner network consists of dedicated agencies that want to stand out and offer their portfolio of e-commerce clients and brands a service that goes beyond anyone else.

Together, we help clients maximize their business with the intelligent use of price- and competitor data.

Why not start doing the extraordinary today? Partner with PriceShape and access brilliant market insights, automation, and price position data, which can be used in a feed for Google Shopping.

Step by step

Want to be a partner?

Step 1
Application & Assessment

Fill up the application form and wait for an email from one of our agents

Step 2

Discuss the next steps and find out how PriceShape can help your clients

Step 3

Create value for each other's business

Certified Partners of PriceShape

A certified partner has been through intensive training and onboarding in the PriceShape platform. Educated to advise and use insights to benefit the mutual client of PriceShape and the Partner.


Meet our certified partners