Why PriceShape

We are proud to be working with some of the leading retailers, webshops, agencies, and brands. Together we become better, and without their feedback, we wouldn't have the best pricing tool on the market.

Why PriceShape

The perfect platform?

Brillant data insights alone aren't enough. We scrape millions of websites' price and stock data, but it would be useless without a platform that makes the data actionable.

That's why we've created a platform where everyone, regardless of their role, can get a complete business overview at a glance.

Working with competitor data has never been easier!

Why PriceShape

Advanced made easy

That means a category manager can design their own dashboard, set up reports and create filters across the platform to take action. Imagine that your whole team can get access to exactly the information they need to optimize their business area through personalized dashboards, reports, and filters.

The value in being able to easily oversee your price positions on a single product level on the dashboard, see your competitor index, the stock status and performance data. It will change the way you are able to work with complicated data.

We have ensured that our platform is user-friendly, making sure that everybody working in the system is able to work with the advanced features and data.

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Access the value our platform will provide your business with a free test account. In the free test you are able to get a feeling of the different opportunities within our user-friendly platform, and how you can work with your data in the system.

Why PriceShape

Optimize your profit

Our platform is not limited to only being an analytical tool, in PriceShape, you also have the opportunity to set prices dynamically.

In our platform, you are able to set up advanced dynamic pricing strategies that can make sure that you are beating your competitors and optimizing your profit.

PriceShape also allows you to group and analyze your products and data in new ways based on performance data. Making it possible for you to identify best sellers, slow mowers or dead stock and create price strategies for these categories.

All our clients are supported by a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who is available for you to gain as much success as possible when working with our platform.

Why PriceShape

Marketing spend wisely

Imagine that you are able to set up a dynamic marketing campaign that allocates your marketing budget, where you are competitive and have a high profit, and bid low or exclude yourself, where you have a much higher price than your competitors. 

Stop allocating your marketing budget based on historical data; use it on real-time data instead, and optimize your marketing spend more wisely!
We promise you that this is going to be a game-changer for your business. 


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