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Founded in 2018, PriceShape is one of the top global competitor monitoring and dynamic pricing solutions

Meet our founders

"We wanted companies to have the same market transparency as the end consumers"


Located in Aarhus, Denmark, PriceShape was founded in 2018 by childhood friends Frederik Christiansen (left) and Kasper Strand (right).

With a background in e-commerce, business, and sales, both Frederik and Kasper have an integral insight into pricing, strategy, and business development which created the foundation for our platform and PriceShape as a company.


Our story

We're just getting started...


The ambitious mindset on which PriceShape was founded still plays a vital role in how we approach everything we do - especially our client’s business and their successes. We see it as our finest job to help make sure they reach their goals and experience the true power of pricing. 

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Our price comparison software can be used as a useful tool for both brands and wholesalers. Our platform is a user-friendly and simple tool that both serves to optimize your pricing strategies and monitor your competitors.

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Our story

Who we are


However, one thing is helping our clients build a strong business, but it wouldn’t be possible without a strong backbone of our own. Between informality, openness, and respect, a collective culture has flourished with a positive, engaging, familiar, and energetic atmosphere.

An atmosphere where we genuinely care about each other, value spending time together, have fun, and friendships grow. 

We value...

Work-life balance

Providing flexibility so our employees have the freedom to do what's best privately and professionally

Trust & respect

For our clients, diversity, and each other

Having fun

Working in a kind, energetic, friendly, and informal atmosphere just makes everything easier, better and more fun


Nurturing talent and investing in each other's growth is key in all aspects


For change, possibilities, differences, innovation, opinions, and towards each other


The air in the office is thick with enthusiasm, support, pack mentality, and helpfulness


Life at PriceShape

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