Advanced product management

Want a complete overview of your competitors and their stock status, prices, delivery cost or how many competitors are selling the same products as you? Look no further. We have tailored our platform to help any type of product managers, purchasers, pricing managers and business owners

Advanced Product Management

The big picture

Imagine you had the possibility to oversee the full market picture in one view, understanding product price history, our price position and index rating compared to your main competitors. Imagine the insights and possibilities to make strategic product decisions within a few minutes based on those data. How much value would that add to the way you are working?  

In PriceShape, we deliver that view in a personalized dashboard where you can see: 


  • Overview of your top competitors
  • The price history for specific products
  • Your price position in the market compared to your competitors, f.x. on brand or product level 
  • Stock status
  • Recent price changes
Advanced Product Management

Easy & quick reporting on all levels

Imagine receiving an updated market report via email every morning to enjoy with a cup of coffee. Our status reports will provide you with intel regarding price changes in the market segment in the groups of products you need, e.g. brands, product types, A-products, the products you are responsible for, or products that are moving slowly in terms of selling. 

With a report in your inbox every morning, you will be able to analyze trends and take fast decisions regarding your products and their pricing. The reports will also be used as a valid foundation for pointing out the direction of your brand and price position to win the market.

Advanced Product Management

Make home-run supplier agreements

Knowledge is key. With market insights, performance data and price history, you will have the upper-hand when it comes to negotiating with your suppliers. 

Clear information regarding competitors' assortment, stock status, and daily pricing, compared to your prices, will let you know when a competitor is trying to push the market and how far you would be able to go down in price before a call to the supplier can be made for a better agreement or talk regarding future possibilities for compatible prices.

By understanding the price position of your competitors with the same products as you, while getting a better cost price - you can price position yourself more competitively. And you’ll have an easy understanding of what to purchase based on your price and profit.

Advanced Product Management

Setting competitive prices 

Have you ever based a price on gut feeling because you thought it was the right one? 

Why not use the market insights advanced rules and our automated dynamic pricing to make sure, that you ALWAYS have the “right” price to fulfill your need for profit and win the market with the best possible price? 

With competitive prices, you can rest assure that your products are as competitive as they need to be, and also allowing you to secure profit. It is not just about being the cheapest but being the smartest, combining insights with performance and internal rules to set the right price on the right products, every day, every time!

Category management

Use knowledge from today to be the best tomorrow

With historical data, you can analyze and plan your top seasonal offers. With Priceshape gathering and storing all price information in the market, you will be able to go back in time and use that insight to e.g. plan your coming Black Friday campaigns.

When did your competitors change prices last year, and with what percentage - Take the situation into your own hands and win the market every time! 

You’ll also be able to get access to index numbers on your competitors, stock status, where they are cheaper or more expensive than you.


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