HiFi Klubben x Priceshape

“Having the right price at the right time in the right market is very important to us to keep our competitive edge”

Morten Qvistgaard
Director of Omni Channel, HIFI Klubben

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As a significant player in the sound industry, HIFI Klubben has a presence in five markets with more than 100 stores. Knowing that the competition is very high in this business, HIFI Klubben needed a tool to track and monitor the competitor's product prices to be on top of the market.

As the saying goes, the one with the best price in the market wins the customer. This practice is well known in HiFi Klubben. Therefore, they started a collaboration with PriceShape in 2021 to help them do just that. We are enabling them with an automated access point for information, recommendations, and a KPI overview of their market price position. 

In this video, Morten Qvistgaard, Director of Omni Channel @ HiFi Klubben, tells about the collaboration and how PriceShape helps them succeed in their five markets. 

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