How Tjarry increased their earnings 6x in 4 months

Read our case study with a company that increased their earnings 6x since they started using PriceShape.

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About Tjarry

Tjarry is a Danish socio-economic webshop selling interior products and furniture from well-known design brands.

Every month Tjarry supports worthy causes, where they donate 5% of their turnover to charities such as The Child Cancer Fund, KidsAid, and others.

Although Tjarry is a relatively new eCommerce store, today they offer almost 1,200 products across approximately 20 brands.

  • 6X more earnings
  • 3X ROAS increase
  • +230 competitors
  • Doubled ad spend

Effective & simple solution

The eCommerce store has a small team of 2-3 marketing employees that co-ordinate all marketing and purchasing activities. As it was often challenging for the team to find the necessary time to work with eCommerce optimization and sales, a pricing tool that was easy to master and with comprehensive onboarding was a key factor.


With an overview of all product prices in PriceShape, Tjarry can ensure the desired profit margins on their products and can now create effective time-limited campaigns where they’re the cheapest in the market – but without being too cheap.

Based on insights from more than 230 competitors, they can now create dynamic pricing strategies instead of trying to boost demand on a week-by-week basis using promotions, discount codes, etc.

Significant improvements were visible on the bottom line, where Tjarry increased their earnings 6x within a 4-month period.

Increase-in-Tjarrys-earnings-1-1Using PriceShape to monitor competitors also gave measurable results for Tjarry’s ROAS, which increased by more than 3x. In the past, they were cautious about spending too much on ads, as they were unsure of the ROI. One month later, they could clearly see that they were getting more competitive and therefore gained the necessary insight to be able to spend more on ads. As a result, they were confident enough to be able to double their ad spend on Google Ads within 6 months.

Today, lots of previously manual marketing activities have been automated, saving countless hours of time. This has enabled Tjarry to spend this time elsewhere, and they’re now capable of adding 2-3 new brands every month and can focus their attentions on taking the business to new heights.

How Tjarry started:

  1. Tjarry sends us their product feed
  2. PriceShape import product data and create an account
  3. Onboarding of Tjarry
  4. New insights about competitors
  5. Tjarry creates pricing strategies

The challenge

“Our situation before PriceShape was pretty unmanageable because we are a small team, so having a manual process of monitoring the market and the time it would take, we simply can’t find. In addition, instead of creating unnecessarily cheap marketing campaigns, we can create dynamic campaigns based on the profits of our products and a specific period of time.”

Starting by making overall strategies for one brand, Tjarry then over time fragmented the strategies, so they have different pricing strategies for brands that fit the product type or product series.

As a fairly new eCommerce, they had a burning desire to get to know the Danish interior market even better and be closer to their competitors.

The solution

With a solution that is not time-consuming or cumbersome to use, e.g. to control prices and monitor competitors in a simple way, Tjarry can make actionable plans for their marketing and expansion.

Instead of making only cheap campaigns, they now can make dynamic campaigns based on the profits of their products and for a certain period of time.

Also, they can continuously develop their long-term pricing strategies and use the insights they gain through PriceShape to make more data-driven decisions.

“We use it analytically to enter the market quickly when we negotiate a new brand. Strategically, our buyers also use it to see which niches in the market for our existing brands we could advantageously buy more into.”

How was the onboarding process?

“Fantastic, could not wish for anything else. Good solid intro, without it becoming too much. And the Customer Success Managers responds to any questions within a few minutes on the chat.”

Malte Bolvig – Digital Marketing Manager
Tjarry by Odendo


What does the future look like for Tjarry?

There is no doubt that Tjarry has gained great benefits in using competitor monitoring and dynamic pricing software. PriceShape hasn’t been just another tool to add to their martech toolbox, but has become invaluable in helping Tjarry to revolutionize their eCommerce strategy.

Like all eCommerce companies, Tjarry has ambitions to continue to grow by adding new products to their product range. This requires being able to compete in their very competitive eCommerce segment. With regular and actionable market insights, it’s now possible for Tjarry to rely on data and stay one-step ahead of their competitors.


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