Competitor monitoring

With 87% of consumers comparing prices before shopping online, marketplaces like Google Shopping, eBay, and Amazon, have made the market transparent to the consumers in terms of products and prices. We thought it was time to make the market transparent for you as an e-commerce store. 

Competitor monitoring

Get an overview of your competitors and business

With the market's most innovative and user-friendly pricing tool, we provide you with a unique and valuable insight into your competitive situation. By allowing you to see your competitor's prices, their stock status compared to yours, the price history and the overall price index. 

Insights into your competitor's price history allow you to compare your own performance with theirs. Making you able to take action on valuable things such as increasing profit, winning the sale and growing your business.

Competitor Monitoring

Receive personalized reports and notifications

You can automatically receive personalized reports containing the information you need about the brands, products, or categories you are responsible for, whenever you want.

We can also send you a notification every time a competitor adjusts their prices up or down on certain products. This way we can help you stay one step ahead.

Competitor monitoring

Personalized dashboards

You and your whole team can get your individual and personalized dashboard, which provides you with unique control of your work and insights. You can design your dashboard by dragging and dropping the widgets with the insight that is important for you to be updated on. 

Whether it is products, performance data like conversions, no. of sales, or competitors and their price history, we will always give you access to the insights you need to optimize your work and grow your sales.

Easy setup

Plug & play solution

All our platform needs is your product feed, like the one you have in your Google Shopping as an online XML, CSV, or Excel file, and we’ll find your competitors' prices, stock status, and much more.

With our API feed solution, you can also connect your account with your own systems or power BI. Our integration also allows you to connect with your store system e.g. Shopify for fast and smooth dynamic pricing, making sure everything is working automatically together. 

Step 1

Send your product feed

Step 2

Get valuable competitive data

Step 3

Increase your revenue

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