Intersport Denmark

"PriceShape helps to make our business and web performance better. With dynamic pricing, do we now have the right pricing strategies."

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Intersport Denmark


“My working day usually starts with a look at my personal dashboard at PriceShape. With the help of the dynamic tags, I can get a significant overview regarding the relevant information towards price changes from the competitors, as well as which products are our slow movers."
- Klavs Steenhof, Head of Digital, Intersport Denmark

Intersport is an international organization for sports equipment. They want to give customers the best online and in-store experience to achieve complete product and customer satisfaction. In Denmark, Intersport has 60 stores throughout the country. Their focus is for the customer to find various sports equipment of high quality at a good price.

PriceShape helps throughout the whole omnichannel 

Intersport Denmark now knows which brands are trending among their customers. PriceShape provides insights on whether these branded goods have the most optimal price so that the end customer chooses Intersport Denmark instead of the competitor. In addition, they use the tool for much more than just pricing. It is used to see the status of their inventory, how long the products have been in stock, and where their marketing budget is used most optimally.


"The digital knowledge is also used to make the
store experience better for our customers."


Intersport Denmark offers its customers both physical and online services and provides customers with an omnichannel experience. A customer is often found on different channels, depending on what product the customer is looking for. If the customer is looking for a running shoe, it will be easier for Intersport Denmark to provide better guidance in the store, e.g., in the form of a running style analysis. When the right running shoes have been chosen, the customer can purchase them online next time.


“We give our customers an omnichannel experience and PriceShape not only helps us online but also with our store layout. The products with a high conversion rate and a good margin provide insight into which products would be useful to move to the checkout counter. The products added to the online shipping cart at the end can help generate larger store sales.”


PriceShape helps us save 3-4 full-time employees.

Intersport Denmark has gained a comprehensive overview and moved as a brand by using PriceShape. Their overall web performance has significantly improved, with an index of 200 YoY since they started using the tool. This has likewise resulted in a higher conversion rate and a 20% increase in online traffic.

The higher conversion rate is due to Intersport Denmark's new pricing strategies. Previously, they priced their products by manually looking at their competitors. With the help of PriceShape, they have not only automatically found their competitors and prices but also picked up on new trends, helping find the products most wanted by their customers. Dynamic pricing helps to price these products correctly throughout the day, increasing the basket size.

Klavs emphasizes how PriceShape is not only used as a pricing tool but also a tool that has significantly improved internal collaboration. The tool is used by their digital-, marketing-, and purchasing teams.


"If we were to have done the same work without PriceShape, we would have to
hire 3-4 full-time employees more than we currently have."


Collaboration across departments has provided a completely different insight into which products make sense to focus on. It has provided an overview of market trends and which products should be purchased by the purchasing department. The overview has also shown the company's slow-moving products. Factual data related to slow-movers has helped reduce Intersport Denmark's inventory, which is essential in their industry as they always need room to keep up with new trends and demand.

"We have opened our eyes to all the possibilities in which PriceShape can help us. This has also meant great time-saving for our business. With our internal collaboration, we now have weekly planning meetings where we can lay out the best strategy across our departments."


Always by your side, making you better

"The customer success team at PriceShape is always ready with a helping hand. This results in a collaboration, where they help us see all the possible ways PriceShape can improve Intersport Denmark as a business. The customer success managers help receive results that lead to significant progress, where PriceShape can be used for the major aspects of our business."

"All of this makes me, without a doubt, recommend PriceShape to other companies. Intersport Denmark has had meetings with other Intersport countries on how PriceShape can help improve their business."




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