Meet our Partners

  • inboundcph

    PriceShape enters into a partnership with InboundCPH which is a digital marketing agency with specialists within different disciplines.

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  • november five
    November Five

    PriceShape is collaborating with November Five to deliver a strong strategic pricing tool for international customers.

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  • river online
    River Online

    PriceShape and River Online are entering into a partnership to strengthen customers’ digital marketing journey.

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  • synlihet

    PriceShape and Synlighet forms a partnership to help even more clients increase their revenue and get competitive via data.

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  • advertisers

    PriceShape and Advertisers enter into a collaboration that will help more business customers to optimize the strategy in their processes and achieve the desired growth.

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  • anyday

    Through a collaboration with ANYDAY, we at PriceShape ensure that our customers can access a professional and intuitive payment solution.

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  • DanDomain

    PriceShape and DanDomain have entered into a partnership to help streamline marketing efforts and costs for their joint customers.

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  • Delfi technologies
    Delfi Technologies

    PriceShape has formed a partnership with the Danish company, Delfi Technologies, who provides electronic price tags in the EU.

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  • Dept

    PriceShape and Dept have entered into a partnership to ensure our joint customers the best possible performance across digital channels.

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  • hesehus

    The collaboration between Hesehus and PriceShape ensures that online companies are competitive on their prices.

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  • Kvantum

    PriceShape enters into a collaboration with Kvantum. A joint force will help potential clients on their digital journey.

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  • lazzaweb

    PriceShape and LAZZAWEB are teaming up to help even more customers optimize their Google Marketing.

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  • No Zebra

    The price is crucial for which suppliers consumers shop at online. That is why PriceShape is collaborating with No Zebra to streamline joint customers’ marketing efforts based on their competitors’ data.

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  • Novicell

    PriceShape collaborates with Novicell to streamline joint customers’ marketing efforts based on their competitors’ data. The price is crucial when a consumer chooses which supplier to shop at online.

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  • Obsidian Digital

    PriceShape is collaborating with Obsidian Digital to create a platform where companies can get an overview of competitors’ price positions through competitor data provided by PriceShape.

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    PriceShape enters into a collaboration with TEXTA, which is one of the leading agencies in Denmark within content marketing.

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  • vaimo

    PriceShape and Vaimo enter into a collaboration to help clients optimize a pricing strategy that is not only aligned with key revenue and profit goals, but also delivers the best customer experience.

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  • Web2Media

    PriceShape enters into a partnership with Web2Media, which is a data-driven agency with over 65 specialists in digital marketing.

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What our Partners say about PriceShape

“Helping our clients increase profit with PPC-marketing, we highly rely on quality data. With PriceShape, we have the full overview of our pricing position within the given market, while allowing us to set a pricing strategy unique to the individual client. Hence, we find that PriceShape is a helpful tool for all types of e-commerce retailers to increase profit and optimize ad spend down to product level.”

Caroline Meincke Kastrup

PPC Consultant, Obsidian

“At Novicell Digital Performance Team we help our clients succeed with PPC-marketing. This includes Google Ads and Facebook advertising. Today price competitiveness is one of the most important factors affecting performance. Together with a selection of ecommerce clients we use PriceShape price monitoring software in order to gain insight into our clients pricing position on the market. This insight allows us to select a pricing strategy together with our clients, which ensures that we optimize our clients marketing budget and ad spend across Google Ads and Facebook. In addition to that, it increases the turnover and profit.”

René Bygballe

Digital Marketing, Lead, Novicell

“Ensuring correct product pricing is an essential must-win battle for any e-Commerce that aspires to stay competitive while maximizing profits from their digital marketing efforts. PriceShape gives a measurable advantage in campaign optimization and provides the necessary data to stop wasting spend on products that won’t sell, while maximizing sales on products with a competitive pricing. Using PriceShape isn’t about “price matching”, it’s about setting the right price, and in some cases that may even be a higher price. Our clients especially emphasize the ability to monitor the stock of their competitors that enables intelligent pricing and bidding. The data insight from PriceShape gives our clients that final edge, that they need to continuously increase turnover and profits.”

Asger Storebjerg

Paid Media Lead, No Zebra

“Besides being an excellent tool for setting up advanced, clever, market based pricing strategies, as well as monitoring the activities of your competitors or retailers, PriceShape is an equally powerful tool in any feed based digital marketing campaign. At Dept, we use PriceShape across multiple of our clients, to evaluate the price competitiveness of the products we advertise, down to an individual product level. This enables us to react directly on our analyses, confirming a clear correlation between price competitiveness and the likelihood to make a sale. Based on this data, delivered to us by PriceShape, we optimize the distribution of our clients’ marketing budgets, by spending more where it is most likely to provide a proper return on investment, and save costs where the chances are low, due to prices being uncompetitive.”

Thomas Byskov Madsen

Paid Search Director, DEPT