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Hesehus has since 2002 been involved in the development of e-commerce solutions for top 1000 companies with physical products in Denmark. They are leaders in strategy and business development and focus on creating innovative e-commerce solutions that improve customers’ future position in the market.

The collaboration between Hesehus and PriceShape ensures that online companies are competitive on their prices. Hesehus has developed the complete software platform Bizzkit, which is a tailor-made and user-friendly e-commerce platform based on Microsoft technology. PriceShape offers a software program that scrapes competitors’ data, thus ensuring that users are competitive in the market. The collaboration across can thus create new opportunities within the e-commerce industry, as dynamic prices can be integrated with Hesehus’ e-commerce software.

Hesehus stands i.a. behind Matas’ webshop, which has had an online growth of over 50% in the last 10 quarters in a row and today is Denmark’s fourth most visited webshop. Matas.dk is tailored to the individual device to thereby ensure that Matas gives their customers the ultimate customer experience regardless of the choice of channel.

Besides, Hesehus has been involved in the launch of a personal online chat, which can be accessed via Matas’ webshop. The chat allows customers to get sparring from online beauty experts when shopping from home.

Shortly about Hesehus

Hesehus’ vision is to be at the forefront of development to constantly ensure that their customers are strongest in an e-commerce industry that is constantly evolving.

  • The software platform Bizzkit 
  • Business development
  • Strategic, innovative e-commerce solutions

Hesehus and their customers have won gold 9 times for the e-commerce award, including in the category ‘Best B2B company’ and in the category ‘Best omnichannel company’. In 2020, they also won gold in the category <‘Best e-commerce case – web agency and other suppliers’> for their solution for Matas.

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