November Five

Anna Wawrzyniak

3 min read

Founded in 2008, November Five is a leading digital transformation agency based in Antwerp, Belgium. Its multidisciplinary teams help clients achieve a meaningful business impact that lasts, enabled by digitally inspired thinking, collaboration, and agile engineering. They’re a trusted partner to companies of all sizes and sectors, from household names like Spotify, Coca-Cola, and Le Pain Quotidien to ambitious startups and established local clients. 

In the increasingly competitive world of e-commerce, having the right pricing strategy is key to securing sales while at the same time protecting margins and optimizing revenue. To support their e-commerce clients, November Five works closely with PriceShape to develop and implement dynamic pricing strategies that allow their clients to compete confidently. 

Using PriceShape not only makes it possible for November Five’s clients to monitor their competitors’ data and get a clear understanding of their competitive position, but the automated tool responds immediately in line with the advanced rules they set. Being able to customize strategies across products and categories, and even for particular competitors, bring a vast amount of flexibility and control, not to mention time savings. And this is particularly crucial in industries with low margins and extensive product offerings. 

Sharing common values, PriceShape and November Five both have a customer-centric, results-oriented approach. By multiplying their expertise through close collaboration, they can provide the right solution for a particular client’s needs, taking business objectives, ambitions, and the competitive landscape into account.

Shortly about November Five:

November Five is a fully integrated digital transformation partner that specializes in: 

  • Consultancy: We define realistic visions and roadmaps 
  • Strategy: We design digital products and services 
  • Development: We build custom digital solutions 

“Much more than just being a software supplier, PriceShape is a real partner who listens and strives to understand our clients’ individual needs so we can all be successful together. As a result, working with them feels like a real team effort. As well as delivering a first-class tool that offers all the dynamic pricing functionalities our clients need and more, their personal approach to finding just the right solution is priceless. From experience, we know they’ll always go the extra mile to deliver on a promise and that a friendly voice is just a phone call away.”

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