Obsidian Digital

Anna Wawrzyniak

2 min read

With specialization in performance marketing, Obsidian Digital helps Danish and foreign companies to lift their digital presence to new heights. This is done through digital platforms, such as Google and several social media, which generate significant growth if used properly. With a focus on technology, data, and analysis, Obsidian Digital wants to set the standards within digital marketing – always with the customer’s needs in the forefront.

PriceShape collaborates with Obsidian Digital to create a platform where companies can overview competitors’ price positions through competitor data provided by PriceShape. This makes it possible for the customer to compare their prices with the prices that otherwise appear in the market. Pricing is crucial for consumers, so it is extremely relevant to create an overview of the competitive situation.

Obsidian Digital even uses PriceShape to help their B2C customers determine where they are most competitive. By using PriceShape software, Obsidian Digital is always sure to have reliable data. It helps i.a. e-commerce retailers, clarify which marketing strategy has the greatest effect on growth and profit.

Shortly about Obsidian Digital

Obsidian Digital is the fastest-growing agency in Denmark, which had its start-up with its four partners back in 2016. Today, over 50 skilled experts are at the head office in Copenhagen and even more at the offices in Odense, Aarhus, Lemvig, Oslo, and Banja Luka.

Obsidian Digital has specialists in:

  • Advertising on social platforms
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Amazon
  • Digital Strategy
  • Analysis

Obsidian Digital has won several awards, and there is no doubt that Obsidian Digital always has its finger on the pulse when talking about digital development. The agency sees potential in all types of companies and industries for whom they create effective and measurable results.