Our Team

Business team

  • Frederik Christiansen

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Kasper Strand

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Michael Christiansen

    Partner & CFO

  • Jesper Halliday

    Chief marketing officer

  • Nicolaj Sjøhart Lund


  • morten
    Morten Bligaard-Christensen

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Lærke Thea Godthaab Espeholt


  • Marie Bentofte Jakobsen

    Head of HR

  • Brian Østergaard

    Partner Manager

  • Pernille Panduro

    PA Coordinator

  • Stefani Yotova

    User Experience Designer

  • Anne Riisom Svinth

    Senior Brand & Content Creator

  • Ezza Ayoubi

    Paid Media Specialist

  • Steffan Mathiasen

    Head of Technical Support

  • Maksym Adamov

    Senior Frontend Developer

  • Melania-Delia Urzica


  • Sarah Fogtmand

    Technical Supporter

  • Nicolaj Møller Jessen

    Technical Supporter

  • Trine Nørgaard Nielsen

    International Business Development Manager

  • Rasmus simmelkjær

    International business development manager

  • Niklas Buhl

    International Business Development Manager

  • Camilla Borg

    Business Operations Specialist

  • Jonas Laursen

    Customer success manager

  • Mikkel Lykke Jensen

    Customer Success Manager

  • Thomas Egholm Mouritsen

    Customer Success Manager

  • Cecilie Vinter

    Office Assistant

Tech team

  • Olena

    QA Engineer

  • Irina

    Data Analyst

  • Alisa

    QA Engineer

  • Roman

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Yevhen

    QA Engineer

  • Andrii

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Mykyta

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Dmytro

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Tetiana

    Data Analyst

  • Anastasiia

    Project Manager

  • Oleksii

    Head of Development

  • Viktor

    Delivery Manager

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