Intelligent Prices

You might have heard of dynamic or automatic prices, which change product prices up and down based on several parameters. Normally this is done by simple price rules. Intelligent prices make your products automatically move from price rule to price rule based on sales performance, inventory level, gross margins, weeks on hand, and much more.
This is where the magic happens! 

Intelligent Prices

Data is key


We scrape all your competitors’ prices, stock data, and more, so you can set up dynamic price rules that ensure to beat them and still have the highest possible profit margin. 

We believe data should be available, transparent, and quickly interpreted in busy work life. Therefore, data such as the above-mentioned is reachable with only one click in PriceShape and is updated daily.

Intelligent Prices

Dynamic Prices


To derive dynamic prices and set up price strategies from simple questions is a work of art. An art form we have mastered in PriceShape.

You can get advanced dynamic prices by answering simple questions like:
- Which competitor do you want to follow?
- What is your minimum profit?
- What price setting do you want?
- Should we ignore competitors that are out of stock?
- Etc.

With these things set - your product prices will change up and down automatically. This can be done on, e.g., different brands, groupings, or categories.

Intelligent pricing

Intelligent Dynamic Pricing


But let us show you how you can get even more intelligent prices, where your products automatically move around different dynamic price rules based on performance and other parameters.

In PriceShape, we have developed our “Dynamic tags,” which is a way to group products. Here we made it really easy and simple to group products based on sales data, stock level, competitor information, and tons of other things.
We make it possible to make unique groups like:

We make it possible to make unique groups like

Slow Movers

Products that haven’t sold in the last 30 days / over 50 products in stock

Slow movers’ automatically move to a dynamic price rule that activates more aggressive pricing.

High Performers

More than 10% conversion rate / over 50 pieces sold over the last 30 days

'High performers’ will automatically be added to a dynamic pricing rule that optimizes your profit.
 With a setup like this, your product prices will not just change dynamically, they will change intelligently, and find the sweet spot for the highest possible price that keeps the high conversion, volume, and profit.
Intelligent Prices

We help you setup your account


You will be connected to one of our talented Customer Success Managers, who is an expert in pricing and the PriceShape platform and all the opportunities which lie within.

Our customer success team will follow you on your journey, and guide you towards game- changing results.

What is intelligent pricing?

Intelligent pricing is based on multiple values and actions point, which set prices dynamically based on competitor prices, performance data, inventory level, and min. profit.

What are Dynamic Tags?

Dynamic tags are a way of grouping your products based on specific values to identify and tell a story about your products, which then can be used in PriceStrategies to optimize and automate the pricing of your products. 

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