Marketing Optimisation

Knowing how your pricing strategy stacks up against your competitors is important for your e-commerce business, but your pricing data in PriceShape can also be used in your marketing plan and help you to get better results out of your Google Ads. Showing you where to place your marketing budget, will earn you more on each online sale

Marketing Optimisation

Identify your most competitive products


Use PriceShape insights about your competitive situation to your advantage on Google Shopping. We help you spot where you can increase your prices on certain products, while still being the most competitive on the market.

All you have to do is allocate your marketing budget on Google Shopping to these products, so you can earn more money with each sale. 

87% of all online purchases are going through price comparison sites like Googe Shopping, and 67% of these are willing to buy from a webshop, that they never had heard about before

Marketing Optimisation

Google ads will be your best friend


Your ability to be competitive on price plays a key role in your conversion rate, ROAS, and profit level than most other factors in your Google Ads account.

With your price position data from PriceShape, you can focus your marketing budget on the products that create more and better business for you. 


Learn how to use price comparison insights for Google Shopping

Get inspired by Andrew Lolk - Founder at Savvy Revenue, who tells you how the feed from PriceShape, will support and benefit your company daily regarding your marketing spend. 

Marketing Optimisation

Optimized and specified Custom labels


Directly from your PriceShape account, you are able to produce additional custom labels based on the price position of your products (competitively priced, neutral, and more expensive) in a supplementary feed for your Google Ads account. 

This complementary Google feed enriches your existing shopping feed and this way we can help you use campaign priorities to prioritize cheaper products, place bids based on whether you are cheaper, neutral, or more expensive, and optimize for gross profit (POAS). 

Marketing Optimisation

Improved strategy means success


Understanding your profit levels is the key to any successful pricing strategy. By creating your product groups with custom labels, you will be able to set bids based on exact pricing levels.

This way, we can help you allocate your marketing budget on the products where you’re the most competitive and have the highest chance of winning the sale.

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