Performance Insight

As a Product manager knowing conversions, numbers of visitors, and the general performance pr. product, provide you with great insight into doing your job easier and better

Performance insights

Take a deep dive for optimization

Knowledge is key for every role in your company when discussing the pricing of the products. Imagine that you, instead of setting prices based on guts and factor calculations, where to set prices based on specific trends, market demands, and competitive position.

What if you were to see the impact directly once prices are changed? When integrating PriceShape with your Google Analytics, you would be able to see, analyze and take action on how your products are performing, displaying numbers significant from a Product Management Perspective:

  • Profit
  • Revenue
  • Conversion
  • Number of visitors
  • Number of sales
Performance Insight

Keep on top of your products

Being observant of your own performance is valuable, but the true value arises once you start taking further actions on these insights. Imagine being able to do this automatically?

PriceShape will automatically provide you with intel on when your products are expected to run out of stock based on your performance data and stock status. You'll never run out of your bestselling products and will be notified when time is due.

Performance Insight

Make it automated

Imagine if you were able to identify hidden associations within your product categories and brands, associations that would allow you to optimize these specific product based on particular patterns. In PriceShape, you can group your products based on values driven by your Performance, your product information, and the market.

Imagine, for instance, that you would like to raise the price of products where you have a constant flow of orders and visitors. Group products with these values and combine them with a specific Gross Margin, use that grouping in a PriceStrategy, and let the magic happen, automatically products that are your traffic creators will increase by 1 or 2% in price to provide you with a high intake of profit in the long run.


Performance Insights

Find the correct stories about your products

With PriceShape and insights from your performance, you will be able to change your way of defining price strategies and move your focus from a brand and category specific strategy to a more productive behaviour and performance based pricing strategy.

Group your slow movers to raise the turnover rate in the warehouse by knowing the speed at which the products are moving combined with stock status. Identify your A-products by knowing your conversion rate and revenue compared with the market competition level.

Make decisions based on facts rather than guts. Highlight the products where you need to lower your prices to be competitive and which to raise to gain profit. All by combining performance data with insights from the market. 

Performance Insight

Combine your performance insights, for marketing purposes

Optimizing your ROAS based on product price position and profits is one thing, but why not use PriceShape and your GA insights to group the products you are most likely to convert or the products with the most potential for conversion?

But perhaps it just needs attention in terms of marketing. Grouping products based on the proper intel will allow you to showcase that grouping in a feed. Use this feed for e.g. Facebook ads or other new campaigns that can ensure that both sales and profit will rise through the roof.


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