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Find out what the bullseye model is, what to base your pricing on and how to optimize your marketing spend in Nicolaj Lund's webinar about competitive landscapes!

Nicolaj Lund
1 min read
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When clients start using PriceShape, they often have a predefined picture of the competitive landscape, typically involving 5-10 competitors. The reality, however, is 9 out of 10 times, that the competitive sphere holds more than 300 competitors on average. And even though they, in your head, are not a relevant competitor, we, the consumers, do not care if your perception of competition only involves 5-10 companies.

We see the completely transparent picture and typically buy our products where we get the best deal. So how should you relate to understanding this competitive landscape?

In this webinar I will be speaking about:

- Knowing the bullseye model for understanding the competition

- How should my pricing be based when knowing a large amount of competition?

- Which impact would a high amount of competition have on my marketing spend, and how to optimize this based on the knowledge from the market?

- How can I make a simple analysis of the market which is understandable for my stakeholders?

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