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Do you want to outpace your competitors on Black Friday? In this e-book you will get to know the 9 steps to win Black Friday sales in 2021.

Anna Wawrzyniak
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We know it's early to start right now since there are still four months until it kicks off on November 26th, but it will undoubtedly be an excellent advantage for you and give you enough time to prepare for the most significant event of this year for retailers. Nonetheless, you will be much better off compared to your competitors.

In this e-book, we will show you how you can prepare yourself the best possible way and win more sales on Black Friday 2021.  

In fact, these steps are based on many years of experience working within retail.

Keep reading to get to know what you can expect from this e-book ⬇️

Black Friday is lately transforming into Black November - where the sale lasts a whole month instead of just one day or week. This trend is quite evident in many retail stores and something that you should keep in mind when preparing for this day.

But where do you start?

Preparation can be approached in various ways, and there is not just a single perfect approach, but for e-commerce owners and Brands, we recommend that you start by looking at last year's Black Friday.

Looking at last year's Black Friday as a first thing will give you a good starting point for how to approach this year's Black Friday.

You can read more about how to approach Black Friday in our new e-book "9 Steps to win Black Friday", which you can download for free right here.

In this e-book, we have gathered the most essential steps on how to prepare in the best possible way for Black Friday.  

Don’t miss out on the chance to sell even more.

In the e-book, you gain insights into:

  • How to prepare for Black Friday based on a thorough evaluation
  • How to create ambitious goals for your sales and earnings
  • How to optimize your supply chain so that your e-commerce runs optimally
  • Why you should make a party during the busiest period of the year

Download the e-book now and stay ahead of your competitors.


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