How to resume your e-commerce activities after the holiday

A guide through a seamless return to your activities after your holiday with three essential steps to ensure that your post-holiday sales stay on track.

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Resume your e-commerce activities after the holidays

Welcome back, fellow e-commerces. I hope you had a fantastic summer season. As a follow-up to my previous blog post, "Get your prices ready for the summer," I’m here to guide you through a seamless return to your e-commerce activities after your holiday. We'll review the summer strategies and provide three essential steps to ensure your post-holiday sales stay on track.


Embrace the Summer Achievements

As you return from your well-deserved break, it's essential to analyze the data we gathered earlier and check how the success of your e-commerce performance has been throughout the sunny season. Evaluate key performance indicators such as sales, revenue, conversion rates, website traffic, and customer acquisitions. Doing so lets you identify what worked well and replicate those successful strategies in your post-holiday plans.

Remember, PriceShape's data plays a crucial role here, allowing you to understand your best-selling products, revenue drivers, and those that may need a pricing adjustment. Combining this data with insights from Google Analytics will help you fine-tune your pricing strategies for even greater success.


Set the Stage for a Strong Comeback

As you step back into the e-commerce world, look at your inventory well. The holiday season may have influenced product demands and sales patterns. Gain insight into product popularity and fluctuations in demand. This way, you can ensure a smooth supply chain and maintain acceptable stock levels for your returning customers. Yet again, are PriceShape here to help you gather these insights to provide an overview quickly. 

This lets you easily determine which products are in high or low demand. Here can, the use of our dynamic tags becomes effective for you. This information lets you strategize and place timely orders to meet your customers' needs.

Resume your e-commerce activities after the holidays

Building on Your Marketing and Promotions

Take a moment to assess the performance of your marketing efforts, including ROAS and campaign effectiveness. This, hopefully, will show you that your summer marketing and promotion campaigns were successful. If this is the case, will it be beneficial for you to identify products with low stock in conjunction with your inventory analysis. This valuable information can help you create compelling promotional offers, such as clearance sales or bundle deals, to drive your post-holiday sales successfully.



Returning from a holiday always requires a strategic approach to maintain momentum and drive success. By reviewing performance metrics, efficient inventory management, effective marketing and promotions, and staying ahead of the competition through competitor analysis, you can make informed decisions to enhance your e-commerce operations. 

We would be more than happy to help you set up or assess your situation, you can read more about how we can help your business here.

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