"PriceShape's collected data establish a solid basis for a good dialogue and relationship with our customers."

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Tradepoint is a family-owned company that has existed since 1997. Over the years, they have developed, acquired, and traded furniture and decorative art items for large retail stores, DIY stores, and e-commerce players. Their business is based on solid knowledge, experience, and good merchandising practices. Their mission is to inspire, develop, and simplify the complex for the benefit of their partners.


A comprehensive overview 

We interviewed Chris Hansen, E-commerce Manager for Tradepoint. His responsibilities include managing their partners and ensuring that Tradepoint's products are accurately presented with images, descriptions, and measurements on partner platforms. Upon joining the company in September 2022, Chris quickly recognized the need for a tool to provide his team with a comprehensive overview of their products and partners.


Tradepoint case story



"I was asked to conduct a comprehensive market study of various providers that could help us gain a broad market overview. After various demonstrations and trial periods, it quickly became clear to me that PriceShape was the most efficient and intuitive tool for our needs."
E-commerce Manager Tradepoint, Chris Hansen.



Incorporated country data gives us a significant advantage

With partners worldwide, Tradepoint's e-commerce division primarily focuses on the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). PriceShape's ability to incorporate data from all countries and easily switch between different markets on the platform proved a significant advantage for Chris and his team.

Drawing from his experience with PriceShape as a pricing strategy tool in a B2C context, Chris immediately recognized the potential to implement the tool at Tradepoint. The company utilizes the tool to monitor whether its partners have added the correct product information to their websites and to keep track of their inventory status and pricing.


         "PriceShape helps us create a good dialogue and relationship with our customers. We can use the collected data to establish a solid basis for engaging in meaningful conversations."
E-commerce Manager Tradepoint, Chris Hansen.

Over time, Tradepoint has discovered that PriceShape can be helpful in ways beyond just being a monitoring tool. The platform now serves as an indispensable reference tool for the team. With all relevant information stored in the platform, it has become easier for the e-commerce team to find specific products, partner websites, and GTIN numbers than their other tools.


A Need-To-Have tool

PriceShape acts as an extra hand for Tradepoint's e-commerce team. It has become a tool used daily, where the intuitive platform has made it possible and easy for Chris's colleagues to use the tool, turning PriceShape from a "Nice-To-Have" to a "Need-To-Have."

"One thing we didn't expect PriceShape to help us with was gaining a much better insight into our overall market. We now understand how prices generally compare in the market and can quickly identify trends and tendencies."
E-commerce Manager Tradepoint, Chris Hansen.


I would do it again…

Chris discovered that Tradepoint had an excellent onboarding process with PriceShape. A meeting was scheduled right after the contract was signed, allowing Tradepoint to use the tool immediately. Furthermore, as Tradepoint had multiple departments requiring onboarding, three sessions were set up to explain the various options available for the company.

Onboarding process

"Due to my previous experience and the beneficial use of the platform, I would undoubtedly recommend PriceShape to other companies. In fact, I have already recommended you several times and will continue to do so in the future — of course, not to our competitors. Using you is a competitive advantage we'd like to keep to ourselves,"

- Chris Hansen said with a crooked smile.



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