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PriceShape can help you with:

A competitor or retailer overview
Profit optimization
Dynamic Pricing
Optimize your ROAS
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Brands & Wholesale

Our price comparison software is a useful tool for both brands and wholesalers. You get access to valuable insights about your vendors such as their stock status and how they have priced your products.

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Retail & E-commerce

Our platform is a user-friendly and simple tool that serves to both optimize your pricing strategies and monitor your competitors. Through our many features, we guarantee that you will not only save time but also increase your sales and profit.

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We collected all our relevant material to help you prepare for Black Friday 2023. Preparing to know how the consumers act and what they value is essential. For example, 88% of shoppers compare prices and are willing to spend up to 2 hours on this, letting us know that prices matter to consumers. This research can help you prepare your pricing - and general strategy for when Black Friday 2023 arrives.