Are you an Ecommerce? 

Imagine being able to close your eyes every night, knowing that your products automatically change their prices based on market insights. What if you knew that the products which were just gathering dust in the warehouse automatically were pushed forward with aggressive pricing to increase the turnover rate? What if you had PriceShape in your toolbox? 


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Get the upper hand of your competitors

Beat the market

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Monitor, Analyze take action and win the market on your turf and abroad. With PriceShape, you will have the possibility to be one step ahead of your competitors, with daily updates of prices, stock information, and much more. By understanding and using the insight that PriceShape can provide you with, you will have all the prerequisites for becoming a successful Ecommerce. 

Along with that our dedicated and professional Customer Success team, will be right by your side during our journey together! 

Take a deep dive into our Service and see how we can help you! 

Solution overview
Competitor monitoring

With 87% of consumers comparing prices before shopping online, marketplaces like Google Shopping, eBay, and Amazon, have made the market transparent to the consumers in terms of products and prices.

Advanced Product Management

Want a complete overview of your competitors and their stock status, prices, delivery cost or how many competitors are selling the same products as you? Look no further - It is right here.

Performance Insights

Knowing conversions, the number of visitors, and the general performance pr. Product. This has historically been a part of the marketing overview but not bound to information regarding product management, because to which extent would you use these concerning Product Management?

Marketing Optimization

Knowing how your pricing strategy stacks up against your competitors is important for your e-commerce business, but your pricing data in PriceShape can also be used in your marketing plan and help you to get better results out of your Google Ads.

Intelligent prices
Intelligent prices make your products automatically move from price rule to price rule based on sales performance, inventory level, gross margins, weeks on hand, and much more.