Terms & Conditions

1. Scope of application


These terms and conditions (“T&C”) govern the relationship between you as a business customer and PriceShape A/S (“PriceShape”). You cannot deal with PriceShape as a private individual.


These T&C’s apply to services provided by PriceShape via the domain www.priceshape.com and its subdomains (the “Platform”).


Company name: PriceShape A/S

Address: Møllehatten 21, 2. 2, DK-8240 Risskov, Denmark

Company Reg. No. (CVR): 40671870

Tel.: +45 71 74 14 24

Email: Info@priceshape.dk


The person using the services provided by PriceShape (the “User”) hereby accepts these T&C. This acceptance constitutes a legally binding agreement between the User and PriceShape. If you do not accept these T&C, you must quit the Platform immediately and not use the services. By expressly accepting these T&C’s, the User warrants that:

* The User is over 18 years of age and has read and understood the provisions in these T&C’s

* The User will comply with all the obligations set out here

* The User acknowledges and accepts that these T&C’s are a binding legal agreement entered into by the User and PriceShape, or by PriceShape and the company that the User legally represents.


PriceShape offers price monitoring services to help users track and compare prices and pricing information for identical or similar products offered by different sellers. PriceShape also offers extracts of product data in the form of feeds (“PriceShape’s Services”).


PriceShape reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue PriceShape’s Services at any time, at its sole discretion. However, reasonable notice will be given of any changes to the T&C, in which time the customer will be able to terminate the agreement.


Notice of termination must be given by email to info@priceshape.dk.


Payment to PriceShape will be exclusively by invoice. The payment deadline is 8 days unless agreed otherwise.


PriceShape reserves the right to charge a fee of DKK 100 per reminder sent.


PriceShape deals exclusively with business customers, and after the customer has accepted the offer via email or telephone, PriceShape’s technicians will set up the account. The customer, therefore, has no right to withdrawal once the agreement has been accepted.


If you are not satisfied with the subscription, you can contact us at info@priceshape.dk or on +45 71 74 14 24.

The rules in the Danish Sale of Goods Act (Købeloven) on lack of conformity with the contract of sale do not apply to subscribers.

2. Registration and use of account(s)


Access to the Platform is subject to prior registration by the User. The information requested by PriceShape and provided by the User must be accurate, up-to-date, and true.


Once the user is registered, they will be responsible at all times for storing the account information (username and password). The User will be liable for any damages or losses resulting from misuse, assignment, disclosure, or loss of accounts.


The User’s access ID is personal and may not be shared. Any access to the Platform made with the User’s ID will be considered to have been made by the User themself. Any action or commitment arising from such accesses will be binding on the User.

3. Rules for the Platform


The User must use the Platform in compliance with the law, moral principles, and public order as well as these T&C. The User must refrain from using PriceShape for illegal activities or purposes that may be considered unlawful or criminal. The User is also forbidden to:

Reproduce, distribute or transmit data or content from the Platform.

Share content with third parties where this could infringe intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks, or copyrights.

Transmit or provide to third parties any information, elements, or content that could constitute a breach of privacy or data protection law.

4. Links, content, or data


The Services may include links, content, data, directories, and search engines that enable the user to access third-party websites and portals (“Linked Content”). In this case, PriceShape will only be liable for the Linked Content provided via the linked websites where it has specific knowledge of the illegal activity and does not remove the linked content as required by law.


If the User believes that any linked content contains illegal, inappropriate, or inaccurate content, they must inform PriceShape of this. In this case, PriceShape may not under any circumstances order the link to be removed.


The inclusion of Linked Content on the Platform does not constitute an agreement between PriceShape and the owners of the Linked Content or imply any recommendation or endorsement of the Linked Content by PriceShape.


Unless stated otherwise on the Platform, PriceShape has no knowledge of the data and services offered in the Linked Content and therefore accepts no liability for any harm caused by the User or third parties through nature, quality, obsolescence, unavailability, inaccuracy, or uselessness of the Linked Content.


The conditions of membership are subject to Danish law. Any dispute between the parties in this area, which does not concern decisions made by the Danish ‘e-mærket’ certification scheme pursuant to the guidelines or the consumer protection rules of “e-mærkert”, shall be brought before the Maritime and Commercial Court or, where this has no jurisdiction, the court in Aarhus.


PriceShape strives to provide accurate data for use on the Platform. However, this cannot be guaranteed, as some websites which are monitored by PriceShape take steps that give delayed or, in some cases, incorrect results. If you as a User become aware that there is incorrect data on the Platform, you must notify info@priceshape.dk so we can rectify this as quickly as possible.


PriceShape is not responsible for changes made by the User, including prices, based on the data that PriceShape provides.

5. Privacy policy


We need the following information when you trade with us: Name and email address.


We record and pass on the personal information that is needed to enable us to deliver the products to you.


The personal information will be recorded by Priceshape A/S and stored for five years, after which it will be deleted.

You have the right to be told what information we process about you. If you believe that the information is inaccurate, you have the right to have it corrected. In some cases, we are obligated to delete your personal data if you request it. This could be the case if, for example, your data is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected. You can also contact us if you believe that your personal data is being processed in breach of the law. You can write to us: info@priceshape.dk 


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