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What have our customers achieved?

Our customers are the center of everything we do, and their satisfaction is the key to our success.

  • Competitiveness from day one

    An overview of the competitors and their prices. Choose which competitors you want to follow in the market.

  • Optimized price strategies

    Work effectively with pricing strategies. Save time on manual pricing and minimize errors.

  • Dynamic pricing that increases profit

    Prices that automatically adjust to competitors’ prices based on your own pricing rules.

  • Valuable insights in real-time

    Stay up to date with new data about prices and become a data-driven business in real-time.

What our clients says about us

“Price is one of many factors that determine whether customers shop online with us at Salling Group. We want to have an overview of market prices so we can make…

salling group

Claus Hovge Andersen

Head of Digital, Salling Group

“Since we started using PriceShape, we have doubled our ROAS and increased our revenue on Google Shopping by over 200%.”

Charlotte Frandsen

Owner, By DahlLiving

“PriceShape enables us to obtain data on product prices and therefore save huge amounts of time. The price data is valuable when we need an overview of the price situation…


Frederik Nielsen

Founder of avXperten

“At Ønskebørn, we always try to give customers the right product at the right price – PriceShape helps us keep our prices competitive without us having to monitor the market…


Nicki Daniel Jensen

Webshop and Marketing Coordinator, Ønskebørn A/S

“At A.O. Johansen, we find that the price of our products is an essential factor in maximizing our sales through our B2C webshop. That’s why we use PriceShape’s software to…

ao johansen

Sebastian Vikkelsøe-Engelbrecht

Digital Sales Manager, A.O Johansen A/S

“We have expended a lot of energy over many years gathering competitors’ prices in the industry. Most of the time, it has been hard to get data of a usable…


Jesper Dietz

Head of Pricing & Development, STARK